Company History

At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 broke out, it has affected the work and life of people all over the world. In order to control the spread of the epidemic, in response to the call of the government , everyone took active measures to prevent the epidemic by wearing masks and keeping a social distance.
Racing against time, in March 2020, after CNY holiday, Pro Lighting returned to work and gradually resumed normal production to meet customer orders.
Many industries have been affected including ours, but at the same time, we are very grateful for the support of our customers especially during this tough times.
At present, PRO LIGHTING is still committed to the led lighting industry and continues to develop new products. We believe that the epidemic will end eventually.

Since 2017, in addition to developing similar products, such as led wall washers with variable angle and led track lights with built-in driver, the company have also started to develop office lighting products.
PRO LIGHTING’s commercial lighting fixtures include LED downlight, LED track light, LED pendant light of different sizes and applications. Starting in 2017, in addition to developing similar products such as LED wall washers with variable angles and LED track lights with built-in drivers, the company has also began researching and developing office lighting products. Currently, PRO.LIGHTING has developed linear lights with upward and downward lights and a flexible magnetic linear light series. In the near future, PRO.LIGHTING will continue to follow its philosophy of “Integrity, Quality, Responsibility, Value” to achieve greater development.

From 2013 to 2016, PRO.LIGHTING has been developing steadily in the commercial lighting market and improving the overall product quality in accordance with the company's business philosophy.
From 2013 to 2016, PRO.LIGHTING unswervingly adheres to the company's business philosophy and continues to develop steadily in the commercial lighting market, constantly improving the quality of the overall products. In order to ensure a stable supply of LED light source and LED driver, PRO.LIGHTING signed a long-term cooperation agreement in 2013 with the Philips company to purchase their LED light source and driver. To meet the sales trend of the market, PRO.LIGHTING has already kept an inventory of Philips LED light source and driver to shorten the delivery time.

In 2010, PRO.LIGHTING expanded the R&D again, and signed the cooperation agreement with the famous professional lighting design company in China to design a series of lamps.
In 2010, PRO.LIGHTING once again expanded its research and development scale, and signed the cooperation agreement with a famous domestic professional lighting design company to design a series of lamps, including the round led down lights with anti-glare, square led down lights, multi-head led light, led grille lights with a swinging angle, and led pendant lights with a built-in driver.These innovative LED wholesale lighting fixtures were intensively tested by the R&D department during the years of 2010-2013 and they gradually became popular in the market. These design concepts were praised by European customers as being comparable to European designs. It is worth mentioning that these lamps which surprised customer is the design of the LED heatsink. The effect of heat dissipation is designed to be just right, and at the same time, the same heatsink can be used for many different kinds of commercial lighting lamps. This concept can be used to reduce the cost of molding. The designers created a very meticulous concept for lighting effect, heat dissipation, and beam angle for these lamps, so it is no surprise that these series of products have become the most influential and best-selling commercial lighting products of PRO.LIGHTING. These series have been recognized by the market and has achieved good sales outcomes.

During 2008-2009, all products have passed the European CE and ROHS certification standards, and some products can meet the TUV standards. Meanwhile, the company has applied for the ISO9001:2008 quality management system as well.

In 2007, the company began to focus on developing the LED lights instead of traditional products.
PRO.LIGHTING began to change the production of traditional lights. Instead, the company focused on the development of the LED commercial lights including led downlights,led track lights,led pendant lights, etc.

In 2006, PRO.LIGHTING was moved to Shangan Guojia Industrial zone, Jinsha Danzhao town, Nanhai district, foshan city, Guangdong, China.
We persist in “Superior quality, Exceptional service, Reputable product value” as PRO.LIGHTING’s business philosophy. After years of experience and advancement, PRO.LIGHTING is now known by many European customers. In order to expand the production scale, in 2006, PRO.LIGHTING moved to Shangan Guojia Industrial Zone in the Jinsha Danzhao town of Nanhai.

In 2003, the company continued to develop a new production workshop
Reflectors are still the main products of PRO.LIGHTING. All lamps are inseparable from the reflector. The reflector is a core part of the lamp, and the quality of reflector anodizing has a direct impact on the reflective effect. Therefore, in 2003, the company continued to develop a new production workshop, namely the reflector anodizing workshop which included the vacuum anodizing workshop. Because PRO.LIGHTING has its own high-quality vacuum anodizing equipment, it improves the quality level of the products. The persistent pursuit of product quality has won PRO.LIGHTING a distinguished reputation: “Buy quality reflectors, choose PRO.LIGHTING.”

In 2001, PRO.LIGHTING had expanded the R&D team to provide customers with quality ODM products and developed PRO.LIGHTING’s own products as well as an OEM business. The newly developed products include down lights, track lights, and pendant lights and other commercial lighting products to provide customers with a perfect and diverse range of products.

During 1999-2000, the company gradually acquired equipments, new workshops for punching and die-casting had been set up.
Together with customers, PRO.LIGHTING worked towards development and strived for mutual satisfaction, while accepting friendly criticism and support from European customers. During 1999-2000, the company successfully set up workshops for punching and die-casting. With European production samples, ODM production and sales was started. Our major products were downlight, track light, and pendant light. Customer demands were constantly increasing, so PRO.LIGHTING accelerated productivity to meet the development demands of the company.

PRO.LIGHTING CO.,LTD. was established in March 1998.
After one and a half years of planning and preparation, PRO.LIGHTING CO.,LTD. was formally established in March 1998. The factory was located in China’s Xiaxi Industrial Zone of Nanhai District, Foshan city, Guangdong Province, with reflectors as its main production. In this difficult beginning period, under the leadership of Mr. Harvey, the company’s R&D department designed various reflectors with different specifications for different types of lamps. These lamps included downlights, track lights, and pendant lights. Through continuous efforts, the reflectors produced by PRO.LIGHTING have very suitable lighting effects with a variety of beam angles to gradually meet the demands of the market.

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